"After her studies at Sint-Lukas Brussels, Lief van Himbeeck, started her career as a painter.

The work of Lief van Himbeeck,  professionally active for 30 years, was awarded by several publications in national and international press.

Meanwhile she extended her field of painting and tile decorations to painting of ceramic, porcelain and jewelery.

The central theme is nature. Sometims in the form of a descriptive horse portrait, other times as a sensitive abstract line reminiscent of a landscape."

My name is Mariejo Drees, born July 14, 1952 Lommel.

I studied painting and sculpture, educated by Eric Vanmechelen, Jan Praet, Jan Rosseels and Marijke Pans.

My best years of training I experienced at the Academy Meylandt in Heusden-Zolder, where I graduated in 2010 at the Department of sculpture.

I work with different materials such as clay, cast stone, metal, glass, concrete, polyester ...

I'm inspired by usually natural forms.